2022 PMP PDU Requirements: Make Sure Your PDUs are Valid!

You must keep your PMP certification if you are a PMP certified professional. Your PMP certification will expire and you will need to re-take the PMP certification exam. Re-studying for the PMP exam is more difficult than PMP renewal. You must earn 60 PMP PDU each year in order to keep your PMP certification. You should also be aware of the PMP PDU requirements when earning PDUs. We will discuss the PMP PDU requirements and PMI PDU categories, as well as the PMP PDU limit. Before submitting or earning PDUs, you should be fully informed about the PMP PDU requirements.

Important: Many people mistakenly confuse the contact hours you need to sit for the PMP exam with the PDU hours you must earn in order to renew your PMP certificate. You can also read our free PMP PDU article if you have any questions.
PMP PDU Requirements
All certifications issued by PMI require certification renewal. The entire PMI PDU Guide can be viewed here. You must earn 60 PDUs each year if you have a PMP certificate. Once you have completed 60 PDUs you can submit them in PMI website to apply for PMP certification renewal.
The following figure shows the PDU and cycle requirements for each PMI certification.

PDU stands for Professional Development Unit. PMI did not classify PDUs until 2016. PMP-certified professionals were enrolled in trainings, courses, activities, and worked as practitioners in the projects. After submitting their earned PDUs they were able to renew their PMP certificate.
The PMI Talent Triangle was introduced in 2016 and new requirements were established for earning PDUs. The submission of PDUs has been updated to include new PMI PDU categories and breakdowns, as well as PMP PDU limits.

PMI Talent Triangle suggests that a project manager’s ideal skill set includes project management skills, business and strategic management skills, as well as leadership skills. PMP certified professionals must earn PMP PDUs that correspond to these three categories in the PMI Talent Triangle. Let’s now go over the details of PMP PDU requirements.
PMP PDU Requirements #1: Minimum 35 Education PMP PMP PDUs
The first requirement for PMP PDUs is that a PMP-certified professional must earn at most 35 education PMP DDUs. These are the sources of PDUs for education:
Course or Training
Meetings for Organizations
Online or digital media
Informal Learning

These education PDUs must also contain at least 8 PDUs for each of the three PMI talent triangle categories: Technical, Strategic, and Leadership. After you have completed 8 PDUs for each category, the remaining 11 PDUs can be from any PMI talent triangular category. 35 PDUs from the education category is the minimum PMP PDU requirement. You can therefore complete all 60 PMP PDU requirements from the education category.
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With our PM courses, you can earn PDUs in the education category. The PDU matrix matrix shows the number of PDUs earned by Master of Project Academy courses.
PMP PDU Requirements #2: Maximum 25 Giving Back PMP PMP PDUs
The second PMI PDU is giving