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Question #1 for PMP Practice Exam
Because they ________, lessons learned from projects are important.
a. To meet the requirements of organizational policies or procedures, must be collected
b. b.
c. Explain why certain projects were chosen by the organization over other ones
d. Explain why certain people were chosen as Project Managers and team members.
Question #2 for PMP Practice Exam
Which statement best describes Performance Reporting?
a. The change control board receives performance data and generates change requests to modify certain aspects of the
b. Performance reporting is focused on the analysis of earned value to determine if cost overruns will need budget.
c. Performance reporting includes status updates, which provide information about the project’s current status; progress reports, which show accomplishments; and forecasts that predict future status.
d. Performance reporting includes histograms and flow charts as well as bar charts to show network dependencies.
Question #3 for PMP Practice Exam
A CPI of 1.8 means that ______ is more likely to be found.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from masterofproject.com. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add masterofproject.com on the safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails. a. Your project is earning value at 1.8 times the rate that you had
b. You are now spending $1.80 on every dollar you had budgeted to at this point in your schedule.
c. Your project is in trouble due to the fact that your team is spending 80% less than
d. For every $1.80 that you plan to spend, you earn $1.00.
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Question #4 for PMP Practice Exam
There are several processes that are especially important for the contractual. It is important to integrate the Outputs from the Seller into the Buyer’s Project Management Plan. These processes are _____
a. Direct & Manage Project Work. Monitor & Control Project Work. Control Risks and Control.
b. Direct and manage project work, control quality, perform Integrated Change Control, as well as Control
c. Perform Integrated Change Management, Control Risks, Control Purchases and Control
d. Control Scope, Control Schedule, Control Costs and Control
PMP Practice Exam Question #5
Your sponsor has paid you a cash bonus that will be divided among your team members if one of them has failed to perform on your project. You should _____
a. All people should have an equal share
b. Give everyone a share based on their performance
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