2022 PMP Preparation guide – Get Ready and Pass the PMP in Your First Attempt

PMP is the most widely used project management certification in the world. There are more than 1 million PMP certified professionals and this number is growing. Project management jobs are in high demand. This makes PMP certification even more important if your goal is to get a job in project management. The first step to PMP certification is learning the steps of PMP preparation.
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Preparing for the PMP certification exam is difficult. It is not rocket science, however. Relax, read through our PMP preparation steps and then create your PMP preparation plan.
PMP Preparation Step 1 – What is PMP and how do you prepare?
You may be familiar with PMP. It will help those who are new to project management or just starting to research about PMP preparations.
PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMI, Project Management Institute, awards PMP certificates to project managers. Companies need project management. Project managers manage billion-dollar and multimillion-dollar projects. This requires solid project management experience and knowledge. PMI, the leading authority in project management, strives to be the leader in project management based on the changing market dynamics. PMI offers PMP certification to employers. This certification shows that the holders have solid knowledge and experience in project management.
PMI is seeking PMP eligibility requirements from PMP applicants. PMP candidates must meet PMI’s PMP certification requirements. After you have met the PMP requirements, it is possible to apply for the PMP exam. PMI reviews your application. If PMI approves, you can schedule the exam and take it. This post will cover these steps in detail. Just a quick snapshot
You can read our What is PMP post to learn more about PMP. You’ll see how PMP certification can make a difference in a professional’s life.
Step 2 of PMP Preparation – Decide if PMP is right for you
You are likely to be a PMP prep post and have decided to prepare for the PMP certification. You are now looking for ways to prepare for the PMP exam. In any case, I want to emphasize whether PMP preparation is right for you.
PMP certification is a highly respected certification in project management. PMP certification might not be the right fit for you. Prince2 is another project management certification. Prince2 certification may be better for you if your country is not in the UK or Europe. To get a better understanding of Prince2 certification and PMP certification, you can refer to the Prince2 vs PMP Comparison.
After examining other certification options in project management, you can decide if the PMP exam is right to you. PMP preparation is a significant investment in both time and money. You should ensure that PMP certification exam preparation is right.
Step 3 of PMP Preparation – Determine if you are eligible for the PMP Exam
Once you have decided to obtain PMP certification, you need to verify that you are eligible to take the PMP exam. Two requirements are required for PMP certification.
1- PMP Experience Requirement
To be eligible for the PMP exam, you need to have project management experience. PMI expects that four-year diploma holders have at least three years’ experience in project management (equivalent to 4,500 hours). PMI expects that you have at least five years’ experience in project management if you don’t have a four year diploma or an equivalent. This is equivalent to 7,500 hour.
You don’t have to have project management experience.