2022 PMP Prerequisites: Are You 100% Accurate About PMP Prerequisites

When you apply for a job, take admission to a school, conduct a training session, or give a talk on a topic, you will need to have the prerequisites. Prerequisites are also required for PMP certification. All applicants who wish to take the PMP certification exam need to meet the PMP prerequisites.
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Do I need to meet PMP prerequisites
Experienced project managers are expected to meet these requirements:
Assumes all responsibilities under the overall management of the project.
Directs and leads teams of people from different functions to complete projects within the three constraints of scope, schedule and budget.
Does the applicant have the knowledge and experience to apply a methodology to projects with well-defined project requirements. Project requirements are the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

These are not sufficient to meet the PMP prerequisites. PMI will require you to take a project management education course. You must demonstrate your project management experience during your application as well.
This article will detail the PMP prerequisites to PMP certification.
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What are the prerequisites for PMP?
You could have been a project manager in your college, university, or at work. You may have managed multiple projects of different sizes and durations. These are not sufficient to pass the PMP prerequisites.
You can take the PMP test if you meet the PMP requirements.
The table below summarizes the PMP prerequisites. You will notice that there are “And”, “Or” between the cells. These are to make the PMP prerequisites more clear. Let’s now look in detail.

The applicant must also meet the Project Management Experience, Educational Background and Project Management Education PMP requirements (explained further in this article). Or: indicate that the applicant must have either row #1 – a secondary degree row or row #2 – a four-year degree row with the appropriate project management experience (explained further in this article).
35 hours of formal education are a common PMP requirement for both rows. This is a MUST-HAVE for all PMP candidates.
Experience in project management refers to time spent leading and directing a project as a supervisor or project manager, and not as a member of a team. As long as you are being asked to do the job, you don’t have to be called project manager. If you are the technical engineer for a company and are asked to take part in a project, then you will also have project management experience.
Notice: The PMP prerequisites expire.
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Prerequisites for PMP – Row #1
It means that
If an applicant holds a secondary degree (i.e. A high school diploma is required.