A lack of engagement in the work force

It can be frustrating when your superior and you have different views. Are you a manager of a team and feel frustrations among them? Perhaps you are a member or an executive team member and feel like there isn’t enough time to accomplish your goals. These are all workplace problems that can cause disruption, regardless of your rank. The company’s culture will be affected if there is a lack of communication and respect. All companies want to be able to run their businesses in a successful and happy manner. These goals may seem impossible if your employees feel undervalued, have poor leadership skills, or are unable to prioritize with little direction. There is a solution for this skill gap in your team. Professional development training is the answer to your problems. New Horizons is proud to announce the launch of our new professional development series. These courses will be taught by experienced leaders and instructors with years of professional growth experience. We are committed to ensuring that every employee receives the best possible instruction. We are confident that this will happen because we have mentors, coaches, and teachers who are completely dedicated to this professional development series. Tiffany Wallace, vice-president of business development at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, states that “While we have provided professional training over many years via our online platform, we are now further recognising the need to improve transferrable skills of the workforce today and expanding our client offerings.” Wallace adds, “Expanding the scope of our courses to offer in depth leadership and professional development training is just one example of New Horizons rising up to meet the needs of our clients. Advanced soft skills topics address the holistic needs of the organizations that we work with every day. These courses are interactive workshops that use real-life scenarios and offer the best in class training. The students will be able to take the knowledge they have learned with them and immediately apply it back at work. Customized Training for Professionals at All Levels We offer a wide range of courses that can be customized through a private event. There will be multiple levels of instruction from beginner to senior. Each series is tailored to meet the needs of each student and create an optimal learning experience. These series, the Essential and Intermediate, are designed for individuals who have little or no previous experience in a particular field or are just starting out in a new field and need to improve their skills. Management/Leadership Series This series is for individuals who are responsible for solutions on day-to-day challenges, while managing processes and maintaining daily tasks. Executive/Strategic Series These series are for leaders with a high level of influence and years of experience. Their knowledge is far beyond the novice level. We are thrilled to announce the Professional Development Training series. This will help everyone succeed with their newly acquired skills.