A letter from our CEO

ToOurStudents,Clients andPartners,
Let me first say that I wish you, your family, and your organization all the best during this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 epidemic. As my family welcomed our second grandchildlastweek, we experienced very real concerns related toour health,communitiesand impactof exposureacross a network of loved ones.
We have seen fear, sickness, and pandemics spread throughout our communities, businesses, and homes as a nation. We have seen immediate action taken by federal, state, and local governments. I would like to take a moment to talk to you as an employee, father, friend, or business owner.
I am grateful for my health and the health of my family. I am fortunate for our clients, whohavedecided tocontinue toinvest in their employees’ professional development while working remotelywhile theirorganizationshavebeenshutdown.
We will look back on this year as a monumental challenge we have overcome. We will honor those who worked tirelessly and quickly to support our students as they transitioned from a traditional learning environment into OnlineLive(r). We will recognize our partners who worked together to provide quick solutions, alternatives, and content for our students and clients as they transitioned from a traditional learning environment toOnlineLive(r). We will look back at you and thank you for yourcontinuedcommitment to excellence.
Today we are learning how this will affect us tomorrow and the future. We open our communication channels and our minds to one another to collaborate, share ideas and resources, and create a community that will thrive. We are here to help you in this time of uncertainty, media chaos, and information overload. Let us know how we can assist you during this time.
We look forward to the day when we can shake your hand and welcome you back at our brick and mortar training locations. We thank you for the chance to use technology to teach leadership and development, and to empower you through learning.
CEOKML Enterprises Career Development LLC
#WFH #OnlineLive
How we are supporting you during this time
New Horizons has closed all brick-and-mortar training locations in accordance to CDC, WHO and State, County, and City guidance. This will take place from Monday, March 23, 2020, through Friday, April 2, 2020. OnlineLive(r), and eLearning trainingoptions will allow us to serve our clients and students remotely. You can still contact our enrollment, training, operations, and support teams via chat, email, or phone.
New Horizons also offers a series free webinars, resources, and workshops that you and your company can participate in during this time. The business model is always changing. Remote worker and team management is becoming a more common practice, especially with COVID-19. Remote workers have unique advantages and challenges, as well as adjustments. View All COVID19 Resources