A Message from IE President about Moving Forward After COVID-19

You’ve been in business for almost 25 years and have a lot of experience. This gives you valuable insight on how to manage your company during times of uncertainty. No one could have foreseen thespeedwith whichCOVID-19-related eventswouldimpactour communities and country. Although no one can claim they were prepared for a global pandemic this fast, IE has experienced some of the most frightening and tragic moments in our country’s history.

As it relates to the COVID-19 crisis, IE believes,nowmore than ever,that technology–specifically theModernNetwork–iscriticalto business continuity andwillplaya crucial role inthis new paradigm of work.Moreover, companieswiththe abilityand resourcesto transition to a work-from-home model,have been ableto keep their employees safe and healthy whilecontinuingtoprovidequality service to customers andother keystakeholders.

Virtual collaboration and secure access to data from anywhere has been crucial to the survival of businesses in these times. We are grateful and honored to have been ableto provide solutions and services that enable this for our customers, and their employees.

At this year’s company kickoff inJanuary,weunveiled thetheme, “Just Win.”2019 had been one of our best years everandthe firstquarterof 2020 wasequally strong.Naturally,that has all changed.Now, forme,”Just Win”symbolizeshow we can do our part to beat this virus.Usingwhatever means possible,we will continue helping customers and partners navigatethesedifficulttimeswhilemakingmemorable experiencesthatdemonstrateour commitment to beingtrusted advisors, partners,and friendsin the communities we serve.

As the pandemic grew, we decided that we would stop using the “Just Win” theme. We wanted to show our support for all those at IE and their extended families.

No one has been infected.

We also want to extend this messageto you and those you care about the most.

We wish you all the very best in these difficult times.


Be safe Be well.

Chuck SteinerPresident & CEO
About Chuck Steiner
Chuck Steiner is IE’s President & CEO. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of consulting, including extensive Enterprise Architecture design and complex integration. He was the first employee to join IE in 1998. He has been instrumental in helping IE transform from a small consulting company to a network integration company with operations across multiple states and vertical markets.