Amazon Relational Database Service: New Training

Bart Castle, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge cloud administrators need in this 20-video entry-level training.
This training video from Amazon RDS is a great example.
It’s more than a full-time job. Storing data and making it available in the correct ways to the right tools, programs, and resources is a challenging career field. The Amazon Relational Database Service training will make it easier and more rewarding.
You need a flexible, secure, and highly scalable database solution if your organization relies on ecommerce. A high-throughput, highly available database platform is essential if your profit center relies on online gaming or mobile devices. A database that can scale to massive storage and is scalable with high throughput is essential if your company relies on mobile or web applications.
This training will teach you how to connect all the dots in a way that is easy and more profitable for your company.
This series consists of four parts. It covers topics like administering relational database through the console, CLI or API calls, scaling a data base’s compute and storage resources quickly, maintaining high-availability using automated backups, database snapshots and host replacement.
These are the four skills that make up this series:
Get Started with Amazon RDS
Amazon RDS Backups
Amazon RDS Failover Planning
Supporting Amazon RDS Databases

Although this training does not lead to certification, it is still valuable skills training for cloud administrators who want to learn cloud relational databases services.
This training covers the following topics:
Amazon RDS Failover Plan
What about Amazon Aurora RDS
RDS Snapshots Restored
Force Multi-AZ Failover
Promote a RDS Read Replica

This training includes:
Training for 3 hours
20 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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