AWS re-Invent 2021: Everything you Need to Know

AWS is abouttocommencere:Invent, its most anticipated cloud computing event. NetCom Learning, an official AWS Partner Network Training Partner, is ready to take part in the extraordinary event in Las Vegas.

AWSre:Inventwhichbegan in 2012, is the largest annual cloud conference hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the cloud computing communities across the globe. This event provides a place to meet AWS experts, get hands-on training, connect with peers, and network. Be it a cloud innovator, a business leader, orsomeonejust getting startedwith thecloud, the eventprovidesunmatched opportunities for everyone to stay updatedon the latest technologies and get hands-on experience.

Overview of AWSre:Invent2021
This year marks the tenth anniversary forre:Invent, which is a remarkable achievement. AWS reInvent2021, which will be held in Las Vegas, from Nov. 29 through Dec. 3. The event will be a mix of virtual and in-person attendees. Virtual attendees will have access to the keynote and leadership sessions live streams, as well as the breakout sessions.
The event will include 1,500+ technical sessions, a partner exhibition, training and certification opportunities, multiple keynotes, as well as 1,500+ technical sessions. These sessions are designed to empower cloud experts and newcomers from different organizations to integrate, manage, and operate AWS solutions more efficiently. The event will feature presentations from organizations around the world about their digital transformation stories and how they plan to innovate in the cloud.

Meet NetCom Learning’sLeadershipTeam atre:Invent
NetCom Learning CEO, Russell Sarder and VPof Learning, Daniel Yun,will be a part ofre:InventeventinLasVegas. Our team will be demonstrating how we can help our clients in their cloud journey using our expertise and innovative training solutions – powered by AWS.
NetCom Learning has been helping clients around the world for years to navigate their digital transformation. We offer complete services, from helping clients get started with AWS to migrating AWS solutions to managing them. We are the go-to brand for all things related to AWS. We are an AWS Partner Network (APN), training partner. Our official curriculum was developed by AWS experts to ensure the highest quality corporate upskilling programs. Every corporate client receives the best training services thanks to our AWS Authorized Instructors (AAI) Champions. They are supported by unmatched managed-to learn support from our dedicated learning advisors. Our AWS Certification Training Portfolio includes authorized training at all levels. This includes fundamentals, intermediate and advanced levels. It also covers all cloud roles, including Cloud Practitioner, Developer and Architect, DevOps Engineering, Machine Learning and Operations. Many well-known companies have taken advantage of our efforts to accelerate their digital transformation and increase their AWS enablement.
Here are some success stories ofNetCom Learning that helped organizations from different industries to migrate to AWS faster and reap the benefits.
AWS Training Solution for American Multinational Corporations Big Data Migration to Cloud
This company needed a comprehensive solution for data migration and a program to upskill its workforce to provide next-generation IT services. NetCom Learning provided acloud-based big data solutionthat allowed them to leverage the best AWS practices and designed a big data environment for security and scalability to help themsignificantlyreduce the overall IT costs.
For America’s largest bank, we can customize AWS training solutions
NetCom Learning recommended AWS Certification training to our client’s IT professionals in order to reduce operational costs and increase revenues for America’s Largest Bank. We provided extensiveAWS trainingto help aspirants obtain the most sought-afterAWS Solutions ArchitectCertification credentials with cloud competencies.
AWS Security Essentials Training for American Software Leaders
America’s largest software company was looking for the best cloud security solution to protect their cloud data against data breaches and other threats. NetCom Learning conducted a skill assessment on the workforce of this company and discovered that they were in dire need security training. We provided training in AWS Security Essentials to the client’s employees. Our unique training solution enabled America’s top software company to quickly solve security problems and transform for the better.

NetCom Learning is thrilled to be a part technology innovations at the