AWS re:Invent 2021 Ready, Set, Innovate Session Highlights

Many organizations have increased their cloud usage or moved to the cloud in recent months to better serve their customers. The cloud is the primary innovation accelerator as organizations look to automate processes, deliver rich customer experiences, and launch innovative products and services. No matter if your company is on a digital transformation journey and looking to accelerate it or not, now is the best time to learn the skills that will help you and your team achieve the goals and objectives of the AWS cloud. AWS is the market leader in cloud services and has been providing high-quality training for individuals and companies to become cloud fluent. AWSre:Invent2021 recently held a session called “Ready, Set, Innovate: Training to Accelerate Transformation”. This session reaffirmed how AWS Training and Certification and AWS tools can help organizations develop cloud fluency to aid in digital transformation.
Maureen Lonergan, Vice President of AWS Training and Certification,started off the session by addressing the trends that accelerated during the pandemic. Customers expect innovation, speed and convenience from cloud solutions. Companies must be adaptable and resilient in light of the increased demand. Companies have the greatest resource: their people. It is essential to identify the skills gap in order to foster cloud fluency within the organization. After analyzing the skills gap, the next important trend is to shift how organizations value training their employees and empower them. Companies must invest in continuous learning and foster a culture of investment. Organizations that invest in their employees’ learning experiences are empowered to innovate.
What were the highlights and announcements made during this session to address these trends specifically? Let’s take a look!
Training to increase innovation
The most important part of any company’s digital transformation journey is training. 97% of organizations say that certification and training give them a competitive edge in their market. The right training strategy can have a significant impact on your organization’s people and products as well as your operations. Training and re-skilling the workforce (marketing teams, finance teams, and senior leadership) can help build cloud fluency, which allows companies to embrace experimentation and agility without spending a lot.
To build cloud fluency, organizations need to identify and fill the skills gaps in various cloud roles within their organization. To assess and report the skills required for cloud deployment success, companies can use the free AWS Learning Needs Analysis (LNA), which allows them to plan their training and upskilling programs.
Watch Maureen Lonergan’s exclusive interview on Sarder TV.

What’s new: Enhanced Learning Experience Initiatives
Localized Learning
AWS announced that it will offer hundreds of courses in 16 different languages. AWS has made it easier to validate AWS skills using an AWS certification. Learners can now take the certification exam in ten different languages.
AWS Skill Builder
AWS Skill Builder is a digital learning destination that combines different experiences to meet the needs and interests of builders of all backgrounds and all levels. It includes 500+ self-paced digital courses that can be accessed at your own pace. These courses are role-based and solution-centric, allowing you to focus your energy on building the skills you need.
AWS Skills Guild
A structured program offers training tools that can help create a culture of learning, upskilling, and innovation within the organization.
AWSGetITis a program that aims to inspire young women to pursue careers as tech professionals and to make sure they see themselves in those careers.
AWS Educate
AWS Educate offers training for learners and students of all ages who want to learn more about the cloud and experience the cloud through hands-on AWS management console labs.
The bottom line
Training doesn’t stop. It is an essential step in your organization’s digital transformation. NetCom Learning, an official AWS Partner Network Training Partner, caters to your training needs. We are committed to helping organizations accelerate cloud adoption and innovation with our programs. We offer a variety of premium instructor-led courses, including AWS Technical Essentials, AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, and Architecting on AWS. These courses are designed to help organizations bridge the gap in cloud skills. These free Official AWS eLearning courses will help you refresh your AWS cloud basics at your own pace, whether you are a new learner or transitioning to cloud roles.