Cisco CCNA Labs is a new series from Cisco

Jeremy Cioara
SPOTO’s “Cisco Cisco CCNA Labs: Cisco For the Real World” video series is now available. ExamPrep is different from “real-world” and we try to offer both in our video series. However, this series stray from that path. This series is 100% real-world. Jeremy Cioara wanted to create a series that was true to life. We made it happen. This is a user-directed learning experience. We made the first video available to the public. A survey was also created to collect information from viewers. Storyboarding was used to create the remaining videos and we filmed them using that feedback. We also notified our viewers after each video was completed so that they could update or enhance their suggestions. To make the series as real-world as possible, Jeremy used viewers’ feedback right up until the end. This series is possible because of the 2,759 viewers.
Jeremy will be covering topics such as GNS3 foundations and fundamentals of Cisco devices. He will also be discussing the Cisco IOS and big picture network concepts. Jeremy has a video promo for this series.
Combining our ICND1 series and ICND2 series together with the new CCNA series labs series will give you the tools you need to pass the exam, get the job, be confident in your ability to perform the job. Click here to view the details of this package deal.
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