Column View Improvements, Budget Alerts and Availability-based Date Picker

We’ve been busy despite the holiday season! We have some exciting updates for you. Here’s July’s short list: Column view improvements based upon feedback
Alerts for the budget
A new date picker
Time tracking tweaks
The refurbished Column view
We launched the new and improved Column view, but we left room for further changes. We listened to your feedback and added some of the features that you requested. One of the most requested features was a change in how labels were displayed. Instead of showing only the color of the labels, we changed to showing the entire label (wherever possible). It is also possible to add an assignee to a task. A scroll bar with a larger width is another improvement. We would love to hear your suggestions! Budget alerts
This is a new feature. This feature was born out of the June target budget. The budgets of Fixed Price, Time and Expenses, and Non-billable are the most flexible. They can be reached by billable hours and expenses. Budget alerts allow you to specify when you would like the system notify you about the spent amount. All details can be found here. Date picker
We have connected our date picker to your availability records! This is how it looks in practice. Tom had two days off on Thursday and Friday. These two days will be marked in red when you assign Tom a task. The system will alert you if Tom isn’t available. You may also notice that weekends are gray and cannot be selected, just as company-wide holidays. Similar features are already available in Workload. We plan to add another option in the future. You’ll be notified if someone is unavailable even if you @them in a task comment. Time tracking
You can now edit time records that have been submitted! You can edit their date and assignee. This will help you keep track of your time. Uptime
We have maintained a 100% uptime record this month, with no issues. It is our mission to keep it that way.
Next on our agenda is the Xero integration. We are updating it with the latest version of Xero. This background work will not be noticeable, but it is important for us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Another team will begin working on the My Work page. It will be redesigned. We’ve listened to your feedback and are now ready to implement it. We are only beginning to make changes to My Work. August won’t be the month that we finish it. This is it for this month! Stay safe and keep up with @ActiveCollab Twitter. Project Management Frameworks and Methodologies
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