CompTIA Network+ N10-005 – New Series

SPOTO introduces “CompTIA Network+N10-005,” a new series of training. This series is a great way to get started with computer networking or to improve your existing skills. Each Nugget corresponds to a specific objective on the N10-005 exam.
Trainer Keith Barker’s mix of humor and expertise will keep you interested while you learn how basic network infrastructure is maintained, secured, troubleshooted, installed, controlled, and configured.
Keith stated, “Understanding the network’s functions isn’t just something to know, it’s an increasingly important skill to possess for personal and professional development.”
The series starts with the basics of computer networks and builds on that knowledge by providing real-world examples of network technologies. This includes the OSI model and TCP/IP, DNS and ARP. Keith also includes protocol analyses (using protocol analayzers to show the details of what’s really happening on the network) to reinforce concepts and ideas taught in the videos.
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