Data Center Networking with Cisco Nexus switches

This 174-video intermediate training by Jeff Kish, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge network administrators must have to fully take responsibility for the implementation and planning of Cisco hardware and software.
This new Cisco Data Center training is available.
A data center is not something that happens by itself. This may seem obvious, but how does a data centre go from an idea in the back of your head to a reality in a brick-and mortar building? If you were given the task of setting up a data centre tomorrow, would you be able? Would you even know where to begin? This Cisco Data Center Network Technologies Training teaches experienced network administrators everything they need to know about Cisco technologies, how they work together, and how to get them all to work together to provide enterprise-class compute solutions.
This 26-part series covers topics like implementing datacenter compute, LAN, and SAN infrastructure, automating tasks and operations with data center scripts, and providing oversight to all data center users and devices.
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This series includes the following skills:
Explain Data Center Concepts
Explain OSPF Architecture
Explain BGP Concepts
Multicast Routing explained
Spanning-Tree Protocol explained
Explain Virtual Port-Channels
Virtual Port-Channels
FHRPs Describe Data Center
Explain Overlay Transport Virtualization
VXLAN and EVPN explained

This training covers the following topics:
Selection of BGP Paths 1-4
The Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
SFP and QSFP Technology
Review and Quiz

This training includes:
23 hours of training
174 videos

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