Hack: Top IT Certifications That You Should Be Achieving (Part IV: Business Applications & Processes).

We have previously written about a variety of IT certifications that can help you get highly-paid and valued IT jobs in networking, cloud, data science and design. This article explains how business performance-focused certifications can help increase efficiency and productivity in your workplace to improve organizational goals.
Radical Change
Business processes are critical elements that, if managed well and with tact, can dramatically improve the business’s performance. The way businesses work has been transformed by the digitalization of the business world, as well as significant changes in business functions. Traditional methods of executing business operations and executing business processes have been abandoned. Organizations must be more agile to meet the changing needs of modern customers.
95% of organizations have adopted cutting-edge technology to help them run and manage their businesses. This dramatic change has resulted in a greater demand for IT professionals who can help businesses achieve their goals with improved quality and reduced time, effort, and cost. Companies are looking for a technically-skilled workforce with hands-on experience and a solid understanding of new application software.
Highly rated Business Process & Applications Certifications
There are many software applications that offer a wide range of features and toolsets to help businesses achieve small-to-large tasks. These tasks could include writing business proposals, collaboration with a group, accessing and editing data, managing projects, groups and project data from anywhere in this world, data analysis, reporting, IT system support, customer support and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and any other business-related task. The task could be to streamline various business processes and software applications to allow organizations to perform miscellaneous tasks with greater ease, agility, cost-efficiency, and cost-efficiency.
Companies prefer to hire candidates who have a certification and are able to use advanced technologies and tools to keep up with the times. Not only do certifications provide internationally-recognized credentials, but they also validate and instill competencies in business process execution and application to make the candidate more attractive for large business positions. You can also use certifications to enhance your professional skills and increase your career by gaining knowledge of cutting-edge technologies that will improve your performance at work.
These certifications are highly sought-after across industries and can help you secure high-paying career roles with promising career opportunities.
* Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft Office 2016 Certification: This all-inclusive certification from Microsoft helps you acquire far-reaching technical proficiency to work with a range of Microsoft software applications enriched with business performance-enhancing features and tools. The MOS certification is a specialist-level certification. It focuses on the core principles of Microsoft’s most popular software applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This certification will help you gain highly-valued MOS specialist credentials that will make you an internationally recognized business applications IT pro.
* QuickBooks Certified User Desktop Version Certification: QuickBooks(r) is an industry-leading management accounting software that provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with a user friendly platform to perform accounting functions accurately. The QuickBooks Certified User Desktop Version Certification enhances your knowledge in bookkeeping software that is widely used by small businesses around the world. This certification validates your proficiency in Intuit(r), QuickBooks.
* MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification – Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based, modern, and intelligent application that unifies CRM capabilities and ERP capabilities to help organizations achieve high ROI and profitability. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 MCSA Certification teaches you how to use the best tools and methodologies to efficiently perform ERP and CRM functions. It also validates your knowledge in leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to make your business more efficient.