Hack: Top IT Certifications That You Should Have (Part III: Cloud).

This informative article will cover the same topics as our previous blogs – the top IT certifications in Design & Development and Networking in the information technology domain. It is possible to communicate with anyone around the world via technology’s amazing advancements.
Cloud Career Opportunities
Cloud is a virtual space that allows individuals and organizations to access, use and host IT infrastructure and platforms on a “pay as you can” basis or via subscriptions. Cloud computing is becoming more popular as businesses move to it to improve their business operations and maintain their ability to achieve their ROI goals. Cloud technology offers endless opportunities for working professionals, aspiring and not so much. This is despite the fact that there are many other domains available. However, the right skills and knowledge can be optimized through the use of proven standards of evaluation.
Research shows that the market for cloud computing is expected to grow at a rate of 30% annually to reach US $270 Billion by 2020. Cloud can be described as infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform and software as services (PaaS), among others. Businesses can use the cloud services they need by continuing to pay a reasonable sum until the service is complete. 70% of small-to-large companies are experiencing skills gaps due to a shortage of cloud and related technology professionals.
The current market and technological advances have led to a skyrocketing demand from cloud-savvy employees for a variety of roles, including:
* Cloud Solutions Architect
* Cloud Development Operations (DevOps Engineer)
* Cloud Software Engineer
* Cloud Information Technology (IT), Architect
* Cloud Enterprise Architect
* Cloud Security Engineer
* Cloud Information Security Analyst
You can choose to pursue a career in cloud administration, cloud data storage or cloud architecture to reach any of these positions.
The Most In-Demand Certifications for Cloud Computing
You can specialize in cloud fundamentals, cloud storage and database, cloud security, cloud deployment & development, cloud security, cloud security, cloud development, deployment, virtualization, IoT, mobility & collaboration to start a career in this field. The following certifications are required to gain expertise in cloud technologies:
* MCSA: Cloud Platform: Microsoft offers comprehensive certification and training programs that validate your skills in managing, deploying, and using the Microsoft public cloud and Windows Azure. This allows you to create cloud-based business solutions. MCSA: Cloud Platform certification training provides a complete understanding of Azure cloud computing capabilities across enterprises.
* AWS Certified Solutions Architect – This professional certification is an end to end training course that teaches and evaluates technical skills in building and deploying modern applications in the Amazon cloud. This certification focuses on AWS services, multi-tier app development, and cloud migration.

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