Here’s your deadline!

“Morning is coming, regardless of whether you set the alarm. – Ursula K. Le Guin
If we are lucky, then the morning arrives regardless of whether we set the alarm. No matter how much we plan, deadlines will come in our project work. This is not a reason to be naive or lack of planning. “Well, the deadline will arrive whether we are prepared for it or not, so why bother?” It’s a reminder that the deadline is coming, so be prepared. The alarm is a metaphor for planning, and the deadline is when you set it. No matter what plan you have, the deadline will come.
You can either face your day with calm, preparation, or surprise and chaos. At least one friend wakes up every morning and has trouble getting out of bed. He has the same destination, commute, and dress code every day at least five days per week. He finds each morning a surprise. He doesn’t know where his clean clothes are, he doesn’t have time to eat breakfast or gas for the car.
You are prepared, you have your clothes on, you have your lunch packed, and if you need gas, you plan for it. This will ensure that your morning flows smoothly. However, planning doesn’t guarantee a perfect day. Even when things get difficult, your planning will make it easier to plan for a better morning.
The plan does not guarantee perfection. The plan’s purpose is to make your experience better. You will be more likely to achieve your goals, and you will be able to recover faster if there are changes or issues.
Your friend and you are different because he will be late if he arrives late and is running low on gas. Even if everything else goes smoothly, this is the difference. He will be extremely late if he is already late, is running low on gas, and everything else is falling apart (traffic jams, car trouble, etc.). On the other hand, you will be on-time most days. And on the rare occasion that you are late, it will be explained that it was beyond your control.
If a project manager fails to lead her team in good planning, she will be criticized for being disorganized and often missing deadlines. A project manager who helps her team plan well will be regarded as a strong professional who is organized and meets deadlines. They will only falter if they are unable to control the circumstances or her team. They respond quickly and effectively when this happens.
The deadline will come, whether you like it or not. Are you ready?