Honest Comparison of Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, or Android vs iOS

Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone13 Pro Max or Android
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I switched to Android almost a month ago because I was disappointed in Apple’s “coolness of inventing a new era” attitude. The iPhone 13 is the same as the 12, 11, 10, 10 and 9 versions. Apple watch is the same as the 12, 11, 10, and 9 – all they added is a feature that is already available in other Smart Watch brands.
I was expecting to be impressed with the Google Pixel 6 Pro. But, I was wrong. Below are all details. All opinions expressed in this blog post are mine alone and were not sponsored by Apple or Google.
Both flagships are premium flagships. The Pixel 6 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a refined design and a sturdy build quality.
The App
Most Google Apps work better on iPhone, believe it or not.
Google Maps: I have issues with Google Maps, which I use a lot. I am a Google Local Guide (nearly Level 10), and I was expecting a better response, app experience, and fewer bugs. But, nope, I am missing my iOS version.
YouTube: Believe it or not, I love YouTube at Apple more than Android!
Google UI in Phone :launcher App I don’t like this UI and I use the Microsoft, which I think makes the phone look better.
What about social media apps?
LinkedIn: iOS is much better, from loading times to the in-app experience. Slow loading when browsing the app more than its cached.
Facebook – The app is so buggy that unless your phone is restarted, I repeat, restart your phone, images are not loading… Facebook in iOS is better
Twitter : IOS is better, but I have no evidence.
What’s up: The Google Pixel’s selfie camera is terrible. There’s no major difference.
There are many others like Instagram ( almost the same experience), TikTok (I am not using it), QQ Chat etc…

Play Store vs Apple Store
I feel more in control when I’m at Apple App Store than I do at Googles Play Store.
The Design
I won’t write what you have read many (probably) times before. But, here is my full review of the Google Pixel 6 Pro ( you can scroll down in this article).
The iPhone comes with the A15 Bionic chip. Google uses its first-house chip, which it calls “Tensor”. It is clear that Apple A15 is superior.
Apple is clearly a step ahead of the rest… I ran basic GPU tests and iOS performed far better!
Both phones have great screens, but Apple wins under sunlight.
Google wins on paper, but Google wins in action. Zooming function is not a real difference. Let’s see the technical specs.
Apple iPhone Google Pixel 6 Pro
Main Camera: The iPhone uses warmer colors, while Pixel uses more neutral, cooler tones
Ultra Wide Camera: I don’t see any major difference.
Zoom Quality: Apple 3X Zoom vs Google 15x Zoom, Google finally wins!
Low Light Photography: Apple wins again in low light photography. Apple is faster and produces better quality photos than Dark.
Video Recording
Both record 4K videos and they do, but there is one difference. The Google Pixel 6 pro heats up like an owen! It seems that January 2022 updates fixed it, but I didn’t record anything in 4K after the update.
The interface is what I prefer to Googles.
Audio Quality
Both phones sound great. Both phones sound great.
Battery Life
Google’s 5,009mAh is more than Apple’s 4,352mAh. This time, Google wins on paper. As we mentioned in the CPU review, Android and iOS are very different in how they manage battery life. Apple wins when you open two apps simultaneously and run them simultaneously.