House of Quality Matrix

A House of Quality Matrix diagram is one that looks like a house. It helps to determine if a product is meeting customer expectations. It is complex, but it can store a lot of information and allow for comparisons of large numbers of data.

Common Uses
If you are looking to improve an existing product, or to compare the products’ ability to meet customer requirements, house of quality matrix is the best choice.
Best Practices
Identify a product. Pick a product that you want to be the focus of your House of Quality Matrix.
Get customer opinions. This matrix can be created through interviews, polls, and surveys. You must know what your customers want and what each aspect of your product is to them.
Please fill in the information. The area to the left of the matrix should be reserved for customer requirements, which the product should meet. The competition’s offerings should be on the far right. The top should contain a list of product capabilities that will meet customer needs. The bottom section should contain the targets, which are the things your company must obtain for the product, as well as long-term goals and your standing in comparison to the competition.
Complete the matrix. The middle section shows how well your product meets the needs of your customers. The middle section can be filled with three symbols. The symbols should indicate whether a particular aspect of your product meets the customer’s requirements well, averagely, or poorly. Fill out the middle section using them. Fill out the top section with the same symbols that you have already created to show conflict between product requirements.
Create a key. Make a key that identifies the symbol you are trying to represent.
Draw conclusions. Your matrix will help you decide what product improvements are needed and what investment is required. It can also be used to set goals and plan the future.
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