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If you’re preparing for the Microsoft 365 Security Administration MS-500 Exam, but don’t know how hard it will take to pass the exam, then this article is for you. To help you plan better, make sure to review the MS-500 exam outline. The MS-500 exam requires intermediate preparation. We have provided reliable information about Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam (MS-500), followed by learning resources that will help you pass the Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam (MS-500), and become a Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate. Let’s dive in to the details of the exam.
About the Security Administrator Associate Examination:
The Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam (MS-500), measures the candidate’s technical skills such as: managing identity and access, implementing, and managing it.
Implementing and managing threat protection
Information security management
Microsoft 365 Compliance Management

Candidates for Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam (MS-500), candidates should be able to implement, maintain, and monitor security and compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments.
The Microsoft 365 Security Manager proactively protects Microsoft 365 enterprise environments, answers threats, conducts investigations and enforces data governance.
The Microsoft 365 Security Administrator works with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator, marketing stakeholder, and other workload administrators to develop and implement security policies. This ensures that solutions adhere to the company’s procedures and regulations.
They are also familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads, have strong skills and experience in identity security, threat safeguard, security management and data governance, among other things. This position is focused on Microsoft 365 environments and can also be used in hybrid environments.
MS-500 Exam Details
The code MS-500 will be included with the Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam. This exam is a great match for IT professionals who are skilled in implementing, managing and monitoring security and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 or hybrid environments.
The MS-500 Exam contains 40-60 multiple-choice question.
The candidate will then have 120 minutes to complete the exam.
The exam can also be taken in many languages, including English or Japanese.
The passing score is 700 on a scale from 1-1000.
Additional costs include $165.00 for the examination.
MS-500 Course Outline
The course structure should now be clear to the candidate. Below is the outline of the course that the candidate must know to pass the MS500 exam.
1. Manage identity and access
Firstly, securing Microsoft 365 hybrid environment
Securing identities is also important.
Then, implementing authentication methods
Conditional access can be implemented
Next, execute role-based access control.
Azure AD Privileged Identification Management (PIM), is now possible
Further, Azure AD Identity Protection can be implemented
2. Manage and implement threat protection
Implementing an enterprise-level hybrid threat protection solution
Also, perform device threat protection
Implementing and managing device protection and application protection are also important.
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: How to implement and manage it
Monitoring Microsoft 365 Security via Azure Sentinel is also possible
3. Manage and implement information protection
Office 365 Secure Data Access
Also, it is important to manage sensitive labels
Managing Data Loss Prevention (DLP), is the next step.
Microsoft Cloud App Security: Implement and manage
4. Microsoft 365 allows you to manage compliance and governance features
Configure and analyze security rep