How Project Managers can improve their public speaking skills

Glossophobia, also known as fear of public speaking, is one of the most common fears among people. This article will show you how a project manager can overcome anxiety or fear of presenting a speech. This article demonstrates how project managers can calm their jitters, improve their delivery style, engage their audience, and the best way to read a speech.
Public Speaking: Mindset
Jeff Davenport is a highly respected presentation coach who believes that perspective is crucial when giving presentations. He reminds managers that they have to convince others. To complete a sale, the key idea is not to just sell the idea but get the audience to believe it and take action. Managers should be concerned about the listeners, not the slides.
Giving data-heavy presentations
Data-driven presentations should be considered a part business life. Data-based conclusions are often more convincing. Managers should be careful not let numbers overtake their presentation. Alexandra Samuel, a researcher and author, believes that data should be used to tell convincing stories. Managers should learn to use human examples to show points of significance, as an occasional substitute for data presentations.
Reading your Speech
People often view paper-reading of a speech as a cardinal skin. This is not always true. Sometimes, it’s okay to rely on written notes during a presentation. Andrew Dlugan is a motivational speaker who has won numerous awards. He explains what a successful speech looks like. Mastering the art of pauses between words and sentences is crucial to a speech’s success. Dlugan says that reading a speech has many benefits.
Concentrate on the Audience
Nancy Duarte is a presentation expert who has analyzed many speeches and concluded that perspective is more common than the technique when making a speech. Managers should avoid creating speeches that are based on their heroism. This could cause listeners to tune out. But, audience-centric content encourages them and highlights their problems. The key idea is used as a way for the listener overcome their obstacle. This encourages them to take action which in turn makes you more persuasive as manager.
Be brave and conquer your fears
No matter how prepared you may be, public speaking can cause anxiety for everyone. Leslie Belknap suggests that re-framing the physical stress you feel as something positive can help to dispel your stress. When you state that you feel excitement, your mind will naturally turn to enthusiasm. Being specific about your worries can make them powerless. You can save energy by being specific about your worries. Your worries can make you more confident than anxious and fearful.
Software for Project Management
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