Microsoft Office Certifications – Are They Worth It

Microsoft has some of the most well-known tech products in the world. Although many users may not be familiar with Azure or Microsoft Server, SQL Server, and SQL Server, they are likely to be familiar with Windows and the apps within the Microsoft Office suite. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications are so familiar that they are almost taken as a given.
Each Microsoft product comes with a professional certification. Office is no exception — it actually has three. Microsoft Office certifications can be controversial as Office is a basic technical competency for most office jobs. Why should you get certified for something so common?
We’ll be exploring this question. We’ll examine what these certificates cover and who should get them.
Microsoft Office Certifications and Exams
There are three Microsoft Office certifications available: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), MOS Expert and MOS Master. They can demonstrate greater proficiency in one or more of five major Office apps: Word Excel, PowerPoint PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Excel.
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Start training These certifications are about using Office apps, not installing them or administering them.
Although we used the term “increasing proficiency levels”, it might be better to say “increasing breadth and proficiency”. Specialist level exams are also used at each level, aside from Expert level Excel and Word exams. As you climb the ladder, you will need to pass more. The current certification exams are available for Office apps 2016, which can also be accessed via Office 365’s cloud.
There are no prerequisites to any MOS certification level. Microsoft recommends that you have specific skills in Microsoft Office or previous levels of certification.
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).
You can become a MOS specialist in any of the five Office apps that we mentioned. There are no prerequisites. You just need to pass the exam(s).
Word 2016 (Exam 777-725),
Excel 2016 (Exam 777-727),
PowerPoint 2016 (Exam 777-729).
Access 2016 (Exam 777-730), Or
Outlook 2016 Exam 77-731

These exams prove that you are an expert user of the application. It doesn’t tell you if the app can be installed or administered.
Third-party Certiport Authorized Testing Centers administer MOS exams. Each exam costs $100 USD for an individual purchaser. Certiport may offer special pricing to schools, corporate purchasers, and testing centers.
Each exam is weighted in four to five different categories that are related to the application used. The following categories are included in the Word 2016 exam:
Create and manage documents (25-30%)
Format Text, Paragraphs and Sections (25-30%)
Create tables and lists (20-25%)
Create and manage references (5-10%)
Insert and Format Graphic Elements (20-25%)
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS Expert)

The MOS Expert certification is limited to two applications.
By passing the appropriate expert-level exam(s), you can become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Expert in either one or both of these apps.
Word 2016 Expert (Exams 77-726)
Excel 2016 Expert (Exams 77-728)

Although there are no prerequisites, proficiency in Excel or Word is recommended. You don’t have to pass the Specialist exam in order to take the Expert exam.
The Expert exams are administered at Certiport Authorized Testing Centers, just like the Specialist exams. Individual purchasers pay $100 USD for each exam.
The app use category is the basis of both exams. The Excel 2016 Expert