Microsoft Office Tips to Make Your Work Life Easier Microsoft Office remains the most popular enterprise productivity suite. Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, has compiled a list of tips to help you maximize your productivity with Office. You will be able to save time and complete tasks faster. Simona’s SPOTO training catalog has more Microsoft Office-related training. Microsoft Office Tech Tips Use “Tell me how you want to use” at the end your ribbon tabs. Even if you don’t know the name of the feature, you can still use the box. Enter “note” to access the Insert Comment command. You can keep up to 24 items on your clipboard at once. You can then copy any one of them whenever you like. Click the little button at the bottom of the clipboard.

To activate this functionality, click on the Home tab. You can also check out the Options at bottom of the Clipboard pane. It might be useful to export customizations for use on other computers. Right-click the ribbon and choose Customize the Ribbon. You’ll then see the Import/Export option. You might be able to locate an option that you used in Office but it no longer appears to exist. Go to File, Options and Quick Access Toolbar. In the “Choose commands form” dropdown, select “Commands not in the Ribbon”. Click on the command you are looking for and click Add. This will display the command in the toolbar at top left of your screen. Hurray! Get security training from SPOTO Start. Have you ever sent a Word file to a customer with comments, track changes and hidden tracks? Do you remember deleting PowerPoint speaker notes one slide at time? Check out the Document Inspector within Office applications. To save time and avoid embarrassment, go File, Info, then Check for Issues. You may be familiar with the Compress Pictures button located on the Picture Tools ribbon. This allows you to delete any cropped areas in a photo. Did you know that the Document Inspector can also be used to crop a picture?