Microsoft to Retire AZ203, Release AZ204

Microsoft will soon retire its AZ203 exam and replace it by AZ204, Developing Solutions to Microsoft Azure. The new AZ204 exam is another step in the Microsoft Azure Developer certification program. It is not secret that the Microsoft Azure training program continues to evolve.
Microsoft has updated its certification program over the past two years to place emphasis on roles and not products, and raise its cloud credentials. Since replacing the 70-532 exam in March 2018 with the AZ-220 and AZ-01 exams, Microsoft has been rewriting Azure Developer program credentials on a near annual basis.
Let’s take a look at all the changes made to the Azure developer program and why Microsoft continues to improve its Azure-focused certifications.
AZ-200 & AZ-201: The First Major Reorganization
In 2018, Microsoft split its Azure developer curriculum into two new tracks. Exam AZ-200: Microsoft Azure developer Core Solutions tested developers’ ability to select the right cloud technology solution, develop cloud storage solutions, create Platform as a Service (PaaS), and secure cloud applications.
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The second exam was Start trainingExam AZ201: Microsoft Azure Developer Advanced Solutions. It validated that individuals can code for Azure cloud, select the appropriate cloud technology options, and integrate different cloud products.
Microsoft provided a seamless transition path for IT professionals who have the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certificate. They could only take the AZ-202: Microsoft Azure Developer Transition exam.
AZ-203: More changes made
In 2019, Microsoft made more changes to the Azure developer program. AZ-209: Developing Solutions for Azure has replaced the AZ-209 and AZ-2201 exams.
The AZ-203 certification focused on how to select the appropriate cloud technology solution for a project, how to allocate cloud storage, how to work with Platform-as-a-service solutions, and how to secure cloud data.
AZ-204: The Most Recent Exam
Microsoft is not stopping at changing its course. Although ink is still drying on AZ-203 exam. AZ-204 was launched on February 24. You have until May 31 to take the AZ-203 exam if you have been studying for it. The AZ-203 exam is set to be retired after that date.
The main takeaway from the new AZ204 exam is that the exam objectives were changed.
Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solution
Create Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solution
Allocate Azure Storage
Implement Azure Security
Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimize Solutions
Connect to Azure and third-party Services and use them

Compare them with the AZ203 exam objectives.
Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solution
Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solution
Develop for Azure Storage
Implement Azure Security
Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize Azure solutions
Connect to Azure services and third-party apps and use them

There is a lot of overlap between these exams. However, as you dig deeper into the objectives and topics covered by each exam, the differences become more apparent.
What’s the Deal with Microsoft Azure Certs?
Why are there constant changes? Microsoft is the only one who knows. Cloud computing’s dynamic nature may be one reason. Traditional computing models had new releases in slow, steady, long-term patterns. Cloud operates at a faster pace, which may lead to the need for constant certification updates.
Microsoft has also been retooling its certification programs at the macro level. It has broken down degrees into Fundamentals, Associate and Expert. These categories are organized in a building block fashion.
Fundamentals is the name for entry-level IT professionals