New Training: Advanced Network Automation using Cisco and Python

John McGovern, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge network engineers must have to integrate Nornir’s inventory abstraction into their network CI/CD automation environment. This 215-video intermediate training teaches them how to do this.
This is the new Cisco training.
Continuous integration and delivery/deployment technologies continue to improve. This makes it easier to seamlessly build, test, and merge code. However, many of these tools and languages are so complex and nuanced that it is difficult to learn the tools.
This 31-part series covers topics like advanced filtering, handling connections with devices, and inspecting complicated structures.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
For network automation, create a lab environment
Learn the Nornir Automation Architecture
Automated Network Configurations and Change Management
Automate Security
Automate Credentials Management
Understanding Structured Data for Network Automation
Automated Networks with Structured Data
Automate your workflow with templates
Optimize Automation Solutions
For network automation, filtering is a must

This training covers the following topics:
The Archive Feature
Handling Errors
Comparing the Network State
IPDB Object Inspection
Understanding the Topology

This training includes:
31 hours of training
215 videos

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