Paying overdue amounts without feeling ashamed

Bots don’t blush when they ask for money
Even if you have earned it, asking for money can be awkward. Most people think that asking for money is a bad idea. You are basically telling clients that you did the work, but you didn’t honor your contract when you remind them of their due date. I don’t trust your abilities anymore and consider you a thief. Prove me wrong and pay me or else I’ll tell everyone you’re a flaky, good-for-nothing deadbeat.No matter how [friendly you write the message](site.baseurl/project-management/2016/08/25/how-not-sound-arrogant-jerk.html), it’ll make you and your client lose face. There is a solution.
Automate the process to avoid awkwardness when you chase late payments. Because computers and automated messages don’t have to be subject to the same sociocultural dynamics as us, no one will lose their face. This makes them perfect for doing the awkward stuff.All you have to do is write a message, define when to send the first reminder, and how often to send additional reminders after the first one.To avoid awkwardness when chasing late payments, automate it.Automating sending due date reminders is great for several reasons:You’ll save a good client relationshipAutomated messages are depersonalized and as such, they don’t damage client relationship yet they get the job done. You can simply tell a client that an automated reminder for late payments has been sent. However, it is best to ask them to pay immediately so the system stops sending emails. It’s not you. The system will never forget to pay you. When it comes to collecting the money, it might be too late. Client disappeared, company dissolved, or it’s impossible to legally collect payment if it’s more than xx days late. Automating overdue payment collection will eliminate human error. Imagine doing this every day. It’s tedious to do this manually when you can automate it in just a few clicks. ActiveCollab offers a unique invoicingfeature called Recurring invoices. These are invoices that are automatically created, sent, and paid.
We are sorry to inform you that your invoice is late. Please send a check to the address on the invoice.
Wire transfer to account xxx-xxxxx-xxxx
Follow the link at top of email to pay online with a credit card, or PayPal
Just a friendly reminder – if payment is not received within 30 days, we reserve the right to add late payment charges to your account, as detailed in our terms.If you have any questions regarding the invoice, you can reach Mike at [email protected] yours,In-House AgencyInclude a call to actionin the message so the client can pay immediately while the email is open. The greater chance that they will actually pay, the easier it is for them. Although you may have agreed to how to pay in the contract, don’t force them to go through it. Instead, let them write the message about how they can pay and the details they need. Most people pay late because of their lack of organization. ActiveCollab’s invoicing engine automatically sends the PDF of the due invoice to the client in every reminder message. This saves time and eliminates the need for the client to search their inbox.