Pen Test Magazine – Inspirational Interview with Erdal Ozkaya 2012

Pen Test Magazine – Inspirational Interview with Erdal Ozkaya 2012
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Erdal Ozkaya, the founder and Senior Microsoft Microsoft Instructor of CEO IT Training has merged with Fast Lane Asia Pacific, one of Australia’s Microsoft Learning Partners.
Erdal travels around Australia to teach IT workshops. Erdal has also served as Project Manager/Engineer for large organizations in Australia, China and the Philippines. Erdal is also a speaker and technical lead at international events.
He was named “Best Technical Learning Guide” by Microsoft Technical Education Seminars (TechEd), Australia. He also received the “Best Speaker” award from Microsoft Technical Education Seminars Australia.
Microsoft has recognized Erdal’s passion and dedication to his work. Microsoft awarded 201 1 Erdal Ozkaya the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (Windows Expert-IT Pro) award in 2009. Erdal is also certified as a security consultant and trainer for ethical hacker training.
Erdal Ozkaya is the FIRST Microsoft Certified Leaning Consultant from Australia. Only 6 people have received this award around the world, and only one in Australia.
Erdal Ozkaya was also named Global Instructor of the year Award by EC Council (201 1). This award was given to recognize instructors who have made a significant contribution to the information security community through leading EC-Council certificate programs.
Erdal also leads some User groups for PASS, GITCA(Culmins), & INETA
How did you get involved in information security?
Erdal Ozkaya: As a birthday gift, my brother gave me a 3 digit manual handbag in James Bond style. I was able to see the interesting things he kept in the bag. My brother was not keen for me to have his bag…
The short version is that I ran a manual password attack. It took me several weeks and I did not write down every combination. However, I was able within weeks to open his bag. I was 9 years old and had access to Playboy magazine. This made me the most popular boy at my primary school.
My career began as a network administrator and then I moved onto infrastructure engineering. The security gaps that I discovered have always frustrated me. After researching every issue I encountered, reading many people on the internet, and doing many hands-on exercises, I moved onto IT consulting. This allowed me to identify the most significant gaps in IT departments. Then I made the decision to specialize in information security and to expand my knowledge to help others.
What was the secret to CEO IT’s success?
EO: I started CEO Training with my wife’s support. All of my training began with a secondary teaching degree. I also had lots of real-life experience and a secondary teaching degree. One word sums up the key to CEO IT Trainings’ success. We deliver training by trainers with real-life experience. This success led us to merge with Fastlane Asia Pacific, one of the largest training organizations in the world.
How long have been a MVP?
EO: Since 2009, I have been recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. What benefits have you seen from being a MVP?
EO: Being an MVP has given me the opportunity to excel in every field I have chosen. The MVP Program offers many great benefits. The MVP title grants you unprecedented access to a number of benefits.