Philippines Community Meetup Philippines Community Meetingup Here’s Windows 8, Microsoft Surface and Security. Thank you Manila for your great feedback and hospitality. I love you guys Microsoft Community Award Erdal OzkayaA community (a group of living things) is one that shares commonality, such as norms and religion, values, customs or identity. A community may share a sense or place in a particular geographical area (e.g. A country, village, town or neighbourhood can be considered a community. A sense of community is important for their identity, practice and roles in social institutions like family, work, government or society. While communities are often small in relation to personal social ties (although they can be large), “community” can also refer to large groups such as national communities and international communities. The English word “community” comes from the Old French communete (currently “Communaute”) which derives its name from the Latin communitas, “community”, or “public spirit” (from Latin comunis, “common”). Human communities can have common interests, beliefs, resources, preferences and needs. This affects the identity of participants and their level of cohesiveness.