Preparing for the PMP(r), Exam Prep: Top 6 Tips for Success

Many candidates realize that there is a better way to prepare for the PMP(r). This article will help you get the most out your PMP(r).Exam Prep. It contains 6 key tips to help you succeed.
We spoke to PMP(r), Exam candidates just like you about their PMP(r), Exam Prep and Exam experience.
The old saying is that 20/20 is better than 20/20. It is possible to successfully start your PMP(r), Exam Prep.
Continue reading to find out the 6 things you need to succeed with your PMP(r), Exam Prep.
Tip #1: Don’t take the PMP (r) Exam Prep lightly
You are likely to have many accomplishments as a professional that highlight your abilities and give you the confidence to move forward.
However, don’t let your confidence get in the way of the need to study extensively for the PMP(r). Exam.
While you may be the best Project Manager on the planet, closing projects on time and within budget, the PMP(r), Exam will test your theoretical knowledge of Project Management.
The PMP(r), in particular, is unlike any other exam you’ll have taken.
Most of us are familiar with the fact that an exam tests your abilityto repeat what was taught in class. You take the exam, recite what was taught, and voila! You have passed a specific course.
Bad news. This is not true for the PMP(r), Exam.
The PMI protects the PMP(r), certification. The PMP(r), Exam is designed to identify those Project Managers who are not up to the task.
This makes sense. You want the PMP(r), which is probably the most important designation in your Project Management career, to have a high reputation that demonstrates your ability and skill as a Project Manager.
As a PMP(r), you want to make sure that the certification you seek is up to standard.
This is where most candidates fail.
Continue to repeat: “Who passes PMP(r), Exam?” It is not the best Project Manager but it is the most PREPARED candidate.
Successful PMP(r), certification requires preparation.
PMP(r), Exam Prep at Your Pace Tip #2 – Know Thyself
6:00am – wakeup, shower.
Begin the hour-long commute to the city
Spend your morning answering emails, fighting fires, or dealing with one client!
On your way to the team meeting, run to the sushicounter.
Spend the afternoon designing a new inventory system and trying to get to the door for todaycare before they charge $20 per hour!
Take the turnpike to avoid congestion, get dinner ready, and put the children to bed.
Spend an hour watching game of thrones.
Do you sound familiar?
Knowing what you are dealing is key to success. This is also the key to successful Project Management.
Once you have a clear understanding of your parameters, you will be able to determine what you can do.
Many PMP(r), candidates fail because they underestimate the amount they can realistically manage.
Are you in any of these situations or are you a victim?
You would like to take the exam in three weeks (for the big promotion! However, you will be away on a project for the month.

You would like to spend 3 hours studying per day, but only have 1 hour.

You think you know the material but haven’t actually read PMBOK(r).

It’s been ten years since you took an exam.

Before you start any studies if you want to achieve success, make a list of everything you can manage right now in your life.
Do you want to study on weekdays?
Are your evenings filled with activities?
Do you have a partner who can help with childcare, chores around the house, etc. ?
Do you have a support network (parents or siblings, friends, etc.) if you are single-parent? Who can watch the children so you can go to school?

Time is the most important factor in determining whether or not a PMP(r), Examcertification is a success.
Some people are able to set aside 6 months for study, once per week. Ot