Review of RapidStart PMO Training Online

This training is no more available.
Review of RapidStart’s Online Project Management Training
Name: RapidStartPMO
Courses: There is a choice of two courses. The first course is free and provides an overview of the paid one. The second includes more than 14 hours of training. It costs $199.
Access: All courses are available online and can be accessed at your own pace.
Trainer: Philip R. Diab
About the Trainer
Philip R. Diab is CEO of Leadership Formation. This consulting firm focuses on helping organisations align, execute, and manage people. He was a former Chair for PMI and has extensive speaking experience all over the world.
He suggested that the course be created online rather than as a book. This is a good idea considering how learning is going.
What’s covered
The paid course covers everything needed to get a PMO operational in just a few months.

The RapidStart methodology has two work streams:
Workstream 1: Designing and launching the PMO.
This includes the strategic aspect, which includes the organisational requirements, success criteria, and so forth. It examines the approaches, methods, and the people skills required to achieve the desired results. It then discusses aligning the PMO. It is important that your PMO is not only technically successful, but also happy with the work you do and feel that you add value.
Workstream 2: Operating the PMO
This article focuses on maintaining momentum and making sure you are able to run the PMO every day. It also discusses how to identify the easy wins and capitalize on them so that you can demonstrate value starting Day 1.
The content list looks like this:
Module 0: Define your Objectives
Module 1: Set the Stage
Module 2: Establishing the Basecamp
Module 3: Create the Momentum
Module 4: Drive Results
Module 5: Recalibrate
Module 6: Go into High Gear
Module 7: Own the Status
Module 8: Strive to Excellence
Module 9: Aim for Finish
Module 10: Evaluate the Program
Module 11: Plan for your Future
Module 12: Prepare for the Transition
Module 13: Shift focus to Operations
You will need to work on the first 12 modules in 12 weeks. This will allow you to quickly set up a PMO. The remaining modules can be used to focus on the next step.
Who would RapidPMO be great for?
This framework was designed with the launch and operation of PMOs in mind.
It’s ideal for people who need to quickly set up a PMO and don’t have the time or patience to read through a lot of information. You will be able to go through the training week by week and have a fully-fledged PMO that is useful to your business at the end.
It could also be helpful for PMO Managers first-timers who want to know how to keep their PMO on track, or for those who are concerned about their PMO’s effectiveness and want to have a review of their department.
Philip Diab, RapidStart PMOThe course design
The course is a paid one-day course that includes an overview, 14 modules and a conclusion. The 14 modules include training videos, reading, and a quiz.
Each module ends with a wrap-up that highlights the key takeaways and what you should have done by now. It also gives an overview of the expected outcomes. This will allow you to keep moving in the right direction.
Philip has made good use of the Teachable platform. The screens and course materials are easy to navigate. It was easy to navigate. Each section is marked with a check mark to indicate that you have completed it. This is useful as it helps you to remember where you were last time. It also contains a progress bar.
I would not be content to dive into this and study week-by-week. I would like to know that the course materials will take me where I think I am going.