The Top 10 Computer Jobs That Will Rule the Future

Are you interested in IT? Do you want to find the right career path? Are you looking for the best computer jobs that offer great advancement opportunities and high salaries? We have researched the most important job titles over the past decades to help you choose the right career path.
This blog article will help you make a decision. We can predict that computer jobs will grow rapidly and become more competitive based on our ongoing research into the various roles in the Information Technology sector. Our research considers growth factors, salaries, as well as other important points. These careers are the future for computers and IT, based on the current hiring trend. Let’s take a look at the best jobs in the future.
1. Mobile App Developer
This is one the fastest-growing occupations in the world. There is a growing demand for mobile applications as smartphones and tablets continue to dominate our communication, entertainment, news, and business. This demand means there is a skills gap. There are more positions in mobile apps development than there are skilled and qualified developers to fill them. Companies such as Apple and Android offer mobile developers competitive job opportunities to create apps.
The average salary is $109,000. The top job in the world is application development. There are more than 231,500 new applications development jobs.
2. Software Engineer
These specialists are highly sought-after. They are able to grow quickly due to the rapid adoption of Cloud-based technology. Engineers who are able to develop functional, secure, and scalable programs are in great demand. Software engineering is highly sought after due to the widespread use of computers across many industries. Software engineers are required for all smart devices that use computer systems to function.
The average salary is $106,000, with more than 284,000 new jobs created over a 10-year period.
3. Video Game Designer
The gaming industry is worth more than $140 billion. Over the past 10 years, this industry has tripled its value. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. There is a huge market for console games, graphics capabilities, and other opportunities related to gaming.
Designers, programmers, and artists are the backbone of every video game. They work tirelessly to create a quality game. Because of the changes in how a game is played, this skill is highly sought after. This is especially true with the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality applications, which have taken gaming to the next level. Video game designers are the ideal people to run this industry.
The average salary is $80,000, with more than 241,000 new jobs in the last two years. This is a job that you should be pursuing as soon as possible.
4. IT Security Specialist
Data and information security is vital for the entire industry. Cyber attacks are a growing threat. IT executives are constantly looking for professionals with information security expertise, but they are not able to find good talent. This is a great opportunity for technology professionals to improve their cybersecurity skills. Computer security is highly sought after, along with mobile device security and information assurance, cloud virtualization, network, security, and Cloud security.
The average salary for IT security specialists is $118,000, with more than 35,500 new jobs.
5. Computer Analyst
The skilled system analysts are in high demand as companies continue to rely upon technology and computer systems. These professionals are highly sought after in the health care sector, as the government continues to support initiatives to improve the EMR (Electric Medical Record). According to the US labor department, the number of system analysts working in IT consulting firms will rise by approximately 43%. This creates opportunities for computer specialists.
The average salary is $88,000, with more than 56,000 new jobs in the last ten years.
6. Web Developer
Many organizations now offer their services online. There is a high demand for web developers to create websites and tools online to help businesses grow. The highest demand is responsive web design user interfaces and user experience skills. All sites, mobile devices, and smart watches must be adaptable. Only a web developer can make everything work the way it should.
The average salary is $73,000, with approximately 20,900 new job titles added over the past decade.
7. Health Information Technician
In the next few years, new jobs will be created in the health care industry. As people discover new ways to manage their health, rec