October 2022

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BlueData Taps AWS Cloud for Hybrid Big Data-as-a-Service BlueData Software Inc. tapped the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud to add support for hybrid architectures to the latest release of its Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) software. Organizations can now run Big Data analytics workloads on-premises or in the AWS cloud with the new offering. This is possible through a common self service UI and administrative console. BlueData noted that while legacy Apache Hadoop-based and Big Data-based workloads are almost exclusively hosted on-premises, hybrid implementations that leverage public clouds are becoming more viable and popular. According to Wikibon research, Big Data spending in public clouds is expected to increase from 5% of the overall market share in 2015 up to 24% by 2026. Gartner Inc., a research firm, also highlighted the growing influence of the cloud in Big Data analytics in a recent report on the “Data Management Solutions for Analytics Market”. Gartner stated that cloud computing is now being considered as an alternative deployment option due to its flexibility, agility, and operational pricing models. Organizations expect vendors to help them enable hybrid cloud and on-premises deployments. BlueData, a self-service, online platform that provides support for hybrid cloud and on-premises deployments, announced today that it will provide such support with the spring release of BlueData EPIC. BlueData’s BDaaS platform supports this hybrid model, leveraging Docker containers’ inherent infrastructure portability and flexibility,” the company stated in a statement. BlueData allows data scientists to quickly spin up Spark and Hadoop clusters on-premises or in public clouds from a single pane of glass. They can quickly iterate and fail quickly using their tools and focusing on the insights rather than the infrastructure. They can share their data, models and code in secure multi-tenant environments that are fully managed and embedded with Docker containers. They can achieve a faster time-to market and lower TCO for data pipelines while maintaining enterprise-class IT governance. BlueData recently announced support for the AWS cloud, which allows organizations to support data science teams regardless of what infrastructure they use. This hybrid approach, BlueData stated, allows organizations to provide self-service analytics in elastic, secure environments and provides support for data scientists. Anant Chintamaneni, BlueData’s blog writer, stated that customers now have the ability to use Amazon Web Services (and other public cloud services in the future) as an extension of their Big Data infrastructure. Our customers can also access on-premises data via their Big Data deployments on AWS public cloud. They can offer secure, self-service, elastic, as well as secure environments for Big Data analytics in an enterprise data centre, in the public clouds, or a combination of both. The EPIC platform has other features that support hybrid’s unique needs.

BlueData offers enterprise-class security and access control for multi-tenant Big Data deployments through its unified multi-tenant security model. These same capabilities are now available for AWS and hybrid implementations – […]

BlueData Puts ‘Big Data-as-a-Service’ on AWS Following a “directed availability” trial period, BlueData Software Inc. today announced its Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) platform is now generally available to everyone on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud. In June, the company announced that its BDaaS platform, previously only available for on-premises installations, was now available to all users of Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud services. It was initially in directed availability (targeting a small number of customers to meet expectations). The company’s EPIC software can now be tested for free for a two-week period. It is not yet available in the AWS Marketplace and the company did not indicate when or how it would be. BlueData emphasized the EPIC’s ability to be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. It said that EPIC is the “first and only” BDaaS offering that allows for this. BlueData used embedded and managed Docker containers which allow for portability across different infrastructure. Identical Docker images leveraging projects like Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark can be used in house or in the cloud. The company claims that its AWS offering offers enterprise-class security and cost control for multi-tenant deployments. It allows customers to tap into AWS S3 storage or local storage, such as a Hadoop Distributed Data Service (HDFS data lake). The company stated that the new AWS offering was enhanced by insights from the directed availability program, which was conducted with selected customers. Anant Chintamaneni, an executive, stated that the QA team of a major data integration software vendor wanted AWS to test their new product with different commercial versions (such as Cloudera CDH and Hortonworks HDP) on AWS. BlueData EPIC allowed them to quickly create Docker applications images using their own code and other Hadoop artifacts. This helped to reduce their QA cycle time and improved team productivity. According to Chintamaneni, the key benefits of the product as outlined through the directed availability program are:

Administrators and data scientists will enjoy a simplified user experience. This abstracts the AWS-specific infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their Big Data needs. AWS Onboarding is faster for multiple […]

Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Tools Now on AWS. The flagship solution from Blue Prism, a South African company that provides intelligent automation software, is now listed on Amazon Web Services (AWS Marketplace). Blue Prism announced Wednesday that its listing includes Blue Prism on an Amazon Machine Image instance with a set of digital workers and connectors for Amazon Textract (Amazon Rekognition) and Amazon Comprehend. The company stated that the move is a continuation of Blue Prism’s existing relationship to AWS and highlights its cloud-first intelligent automaton strategy. Blue Prism’s chief partner strategy officer Linda Dotts stated that the AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers “to add digital workers with embedded AWS Machine Learning skills to their intelligent automation arsenal, deploy on AWS quickly, and leverage consolidated billing through AWS enterprise agreements.” Blue Prism’s AWS Marketplace offering aims to make it easy for customers to buy digital worker licenses and automate faster. The listing includes a Blue Prism Enterprise License for one, three, or five digital workers for a full year. You can also add more as required. A variety of embedded AWS machine-learning capabilities are available to digital workers, including:

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP), service that uses machine-learning to discover insights and relationships in text. Amazon Rekognition: This service allows users to easily add image and […]