AWS Launches Cloud for Finance Pros Course

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Cloud adoption has allowed organizations around the world to increase their operational efficiency, innovate more quickly, build business resilience, strengthen collaboration, and improve their overall performance. However, cloud adoption has been slowened by the rising cost of migrating workloads into the cloud.
AWS recently launched Cloud for Finance Professionals to help organizations manage costs by using tools strategies.
This article will provide details about the AWS course, who should sign up and how it can help your company.
AWS Cloud for Finance Professionals
AWS Cloud for Finance Professionals is an 2-day foundational course. It teaches learners how to plan, manage and optimize cloud costs through experiential activities. After completing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Fundamentals course, you can enroll in AWS Cloud for Finance Professionals.
The course will give you an overview of cloud business value, help you estimate the cost of moving workloads, and explore tools that can help you monitor, report, allocate, optimize, and optimize cloud funds. AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Support Plan and AWS Price Calculator will be taught to you. This course is suitable for Finance Controllers, Finance Planning Analysis Managers and Finance Analysts.

Organizational benefits
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud spending in organizations has increased significantly over the past few years. An Anodot survey found that nearly 30% of respondents felt there was a 25-50% increase in cloud costs between 2020 and 2021, while another 20% reported a 50-100% increase. Gartner estimates that cloud computing could account for 14% of enterprise IT expenditures by 2024, an increase of 6% over 2020. Cloud investments are expected to increase, so organizations need to focus on cost management and optimization in order to provide a better customer experience.
The AWS Cloud for Finance Professionals course was designed for chief financial officers, chief accounting officers and procurement managers. It is intended to help them manage cost management activities. They are also exposed to strategies and tools that assist with cloud adoption cost optimization and change management.