Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Tools Now on AWS. The flagship solution from Blue Prism, a South African company that provides intelligent automation software, is now listed on Amazon Web Services (AWS Marketplace). Blue Prism announced Wednesday that its listing includes Blue Prism on an Amazon Machine Image instance with a set of digital workers and connectors for Amazon Textract (Amazon Rekognition) and Amazon Comprehend. The company stated that the move is a continuation of Blue Prism’s existing relationship to AWS and highlights its cloud-first intelligent automaton strategy. Blue Prism’s chief partner strategy officer Linda Dotts stated that the AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers “to add digital workers with embedded AWS Machine Learning skills to their intelligent automation arsenal, deploy on AWS quickly, and leverage consolidated billing through AWS enterprise agreements.” Blue Prism’s AWS Marketplace offering aims to make it easy for customers to buy digital worker licenses and automate faster. The listing includes a Blue Prism Enterprise License for one, three, or five digital workers for a full year. You can also add more as required. A variety of embedded AWS machine-learning capabilities are available to digital workers, including:

  • Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP), service that uses machine-learning to discover insights and relationships in text.
  • Amazon Rekognition: This service allows users to easily add image and video analysis to their applications using proven, highly-scalable, deep learning technology that does not require any machine learning expertise.
  • Amazon Textract is a fully managed machine-learning service that automatically extracts printed text and handwriting from scanned documents. It goes beyond optical character recognition (OCR), to identify, understand, and extract data from forms or tables.

Access to tutorials, resources, and training materials that show work queues and potential automations are also included. To get started, users will only need an AWS account. Blue Prism has more information.