BlueData moves big data service to AWS Cloud

BlueData Software Inc. is moving its Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) platform to the cloud, starting with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
The company’s enterprise edition is now available in directed availability. General availability will be available for all AWS customers as well as other public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
BlueData hosted the EPIC community edition of AWS last year, but the enterprise edition was only available for on-premises installations.
BlueData offers simplicity, agility and flexibility for Big Data deployments, both in on-premises environments and in cloud-based environments. The company released a statement last week. Data scientists, analysts, data engineers and data scientists no longer need to deal with the complexities associated with their cloud provider or underlying infrastructure. They can choose their own Big Data analytics distributions and apps, and tap into data on-site or in a cloud environment. IT teams can manage costs by setting resource quotas and relying on BlueData’s multi-tenant security, governance and governance capabilities to meet enterprise-class compliance and auditing requirements.
According to the company, cloud-hosted BDaaS deployments offer a consistent user experience, more flexibility and choice, as well as eliminating data movement.
BlueData will be the first and only company that allows customers to tap into both cloud data stores (such Amazon S3) and on-premises data for analytics using Hadoop and Spark,” the company stated. This allows them to use the elastic compute of public cloud while keeping data on-premises. It also avoids the complexity and cost of duplicating, copying and transferring data to cloud services.