Hack: Top IT Certifications That You Should Achieve (Part 1: Development & Design).

Why certifications?
Certification courses cover almost every IT domain and are offered by a variety of eminent technology providers like Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA (EC-Council), Adobe, Autodesk ITIL, PMI, and (ISC). The certifications can open doors to a successful IT career. They also allow aspirants to pursue more opportunities and gain an edge in their chosen technical field. Candidates who have achieved certifications are trusted by companies because they combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge. These benefits make certified candidates more likely to be hired, to show their skills to improve businesses, and to excel in their jobs.
According to the most recent research:
* 72% of employers prefer IT certified professionals for specific job openings.
* 67% of hiring firms consider certifications to be the measurable standard for evaluating candidates’ technical proficiency.
* 60% of companies rely upon certifications to validate candidates’ subject matter knowledge
Based on their practice areas, technical domains are divided into three categories: Development & Design (Networking), and Business (Business). We will be updating this article and in future blogs with accurate information about a variety of highly-recommended certifications that will help you stay informed about the best IT certifications.
This article will walk you through the most popular IT certifications in Development & Design.
Top-Ranking Development & Design
Certifications in Design and Development IT courses are designed to teach you how to develop applications, databases, SQL Server, Artificial Intelligence, multimedia, web design, and engineering design.
Application Development
Mobile devices have revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers, the way people find and share information, and the tools that they use to manage routine tasks. Nearly every business has automated or is moving to automation to manage and operate their functionality, regardless of whether it is accessible through cloud applications or on-premise solutions. This has opened up new opportunities for application development. Research shows that the average person has 60-90 applications installed on their device. These applications are used to manage and perform a wide range of tasks. The following courses are highly recommended for software developers and programmers:
o Java Programming Java is a popular Object-Oriented Programming language that is based on a high-level programming language. It provides all the necessary features to create rich business applications and integrate diverse databases to support its full functionality. The OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II Certification Training Course prepares programmers and developers to pass the Java SE 8 Programming certification exam. This will allow them to be recognized as certified Java programmers.
o DevOps – Organizations have begun to implement a strategy that unites development and operations teams in order to improve communication. Deploying DevOps within a business environment can help improve business performance through the use of advanced programming tools. DASA DevOps practitioner certification training is an all-inclusive learning solution that will help you gain a deep understanding of DevOps. It will also prepare you to pass DASA DevOps practitioner exam and prove your effectiveness as a DevOps Certified professional. This course will keep you ahead of the curve.
o AWS with DevOps – Cloud adoption has made it possible to develop and deploy applications from anywhere in the world. This allows businesses to access their applications from any location, any time, on any device with internet connection. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a public cloud, allows businesses to host and build their applications in the virtual space provided. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification teaches you how to operate, manage, and provision distributed applications in the AWS virtual space. This training will prepare you to pass the highly regarded DevOps Engineering exam on AWS and become a certified DevOps Engineer.
Data & Artificial Intelligence:
Without data, no business can survive or run. All business operations depend on data. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data are created from various sources, including mobile devices and internet. This volume of data requires extensive database management skills. Artificial intelligence (AI), is the science of optimizing data capabilities.