Hack: Top IT Certifications That You Should Have (Part II: Networking).

Our last blog was about the benefits of certifications for both beginners and professionals. We discussed in detail the top-ranked certifications that are available to aspirants who want to start or accelerate careers in application development, data and AI, or design and multimedia domains of IT.
Networking is the strongest pillar in information technology, no matter if it’s a startup or a well-established brand. Networking is a key factor in enhancing the performance, revenue, and profitability of any organization. The most important domain of network management is that which relates to the organization’s infrastructure, installation, deployment and maintenance, as well as security.
Networking as a Career
A network is a collection of interconnected computers that work together as one unit to facilitate sharing resources, communication, information, and information throughout the entire system. Networking allows organizations and individuals to collaborate and exchange information via various layers and protocols that involve devices acting as servers and clients.
Every organization needs a highly skilled network workforce. Effective networking and its management are essential for business functions. This has made networking a highly sought-after and promising career in the IT industry, regardless what type of business you are. This has resulted in a high demand for:
* Network Specialists
* Network Technicians
* Network Administrators
* Network Analysts
* Network Managers
* Network Engineers
* Network Solutions Architects
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been an 8% increase in the number of network administrators and computer system administrators jobs since 2014. The bureau predicts that the same trends will continue into 2024.
Top-Ranking Networking Certifications
Our last blog discussed certifications as the best way to assess the competence of candidates in their chosen fields of expertise. Certifications give certified professionals a competitive edge by granting them internationally-recognized credentials. Numerous companies offer a variety of training and certification courses in networking to help you explore different aspects of the field. These are some of the most promising courses and certifications that can help you get your dream job in networking:
* CompTIA® Network+: CompTIA® Network+ is an all-inclusive training course that teaches you the basics of networking, including protocols, devices, installation, management, and administration. It also includes interactive lab sessions. CompTIA Network+ validates you as an expert in network management and administration using the most current technologies and best practices.
* CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate (or CCNA(r), Routing & Switching) is one of the most sought-after certifications. It focuses on understanding routers and switches in a wired network or wireless network. This associate-level certification and training course will help you understand how to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-sized networks. To maximize your career opportunities, you can pass the CCNA exam.
* MCSA, Windows Server 2016 – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification – Windows Server 2016 is the first step in gaining a competitive edge in installing, configuring and administering Windows Server. It also enables you to acquire expert skills to use its computing, storage, and other capabilities. You will be eligible to take the MCSE certification exam after passing the MCSA Windows Server exam. This is the next step in your network career path.
Networking is a broad field that requires a wide range of skills. There are many training and certification courses available to help you.
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