Office Timeline Pro+ Review [2022]

Office Timeline is a PowerPoint plugin that creates professional timelines and maps.
The Pro+ edition is designed for project managers who need to create timeline slides for executive briefings or project reviews.
This Office Timeline Pro+ review will discuss the pros and cons I discovered from using it.

What is Office Timeline?
What’s new with the Pro+ Edition?
How to get started using Office Timeline
Pro+ Features
What is a multi-level swimlane, and how do you define it?
More features are coming
Other changes in Pro+ edition
Styling your timeline
Importing from MS Project
Getting started
FAQIs Office Timeline Pro+ Microsoft’s product?
How do I access Office Timeline Pro/Pro+

Timeline for Product Launches in the Office
Basic: $59/year
Pro: $99 per annum
Pro+: $149/year
A limited version is also available for free.
Hosting model: While the’main’ version of the tool is a Windows plugin (a solution for Office Timeline Mac users), the cloud version allows you to run the tool in your browser.
Languages: Although the interface is in English, you can change the language of the timeline to show months/weekdays names etc in any standard Office language.
Summary of Office Timeline: Office Timeline allows you to create timelines for your project using PowerPoint or any other browser. It allows you to visually communicate key dates and tasks in a familiar format. Managers who want to quickly create attractive timelines should have this app. What is Office Timeline?
Office Timeline is an add-in for PowerPoint in Microsoft Office that allows you to create slides people want to read. It allows you to create professional visual timelines in half the time it takes to set them up manually in PowerPoint.
You don’t have to rely on the ugly Smart Art tools.
The PowerPoint plugin offers many features, including the ability to mark key dates, swimlanes for various workstreams, milestones, and other important information. The timeline can be customized to match your brand colors.
What’s new with the Pro+ Edition?
The Pro+ edition includes features that make it more relevant for project teams.
You can:
Add sub-swimlanes
Multiple timeline scales can be added
Use new sub-swimlane templates.

Pro+ is the right tool for you if your project schedule is complex and requires different work streams or time periods.
How to get started using Office Timeline
After you have purchased your license, download the plugin file and run it to install it.
The following screen will appear when PowerPoint opens next. Copy and paste the Office Timeline product code that you received in your activation email.
The wizard will guide you through the basics so you can get started quickly. Demo slides are also available so that you can get familiar with how to create the timeline.
Pro+ Features
What’s the benefit to Pro+?
Here is a breakdown of the main features you get with each edition.
FeatureBasicProPro+Create swimlanesNoYesYesAdd milestones in swimlanesNoYesYesCreate sub-swimlanesNoNoYesShow multiple timescales on the same timelineNoNoYesThere are some other features as well, but the ability to craft your timeline exactly how you want it is the main benefit for professional project managers.
Notice: Office Timeline Free Edition has some limitations on the data you can add. However, it’s enough to get you started. You can also check out the tool to make sure it is the right fit for you.
Each of these options costs Office Timeline very little. Ask your PMO to finance a few licenses for key users in your team. One license per person is required.
What is a multi-level swimlane, and how do you define it?
A swimlane is a way to group tasks on a chart using graphics. The background is color-coded and the tasks are then added.