Project Management Career Advice

Samaa El-Sayed Guest Post
Flickr photo by D3 San Francisco
Hi Josh
Thank you for all your information. I feel that my knowledge in project management has grown and that I am able to understand all the processes and methologies that will eventually make me an asset when considering a career as Project Manager.
I have a concern about you, however, since you have been mentoring people interested in project management.
If you are interested, I will share some of my past experiences. I currently have a Bachelors of Arts (convergent media design and media) and a Graduate Certificate in International Business (with an emphasis in Interantional Project Management). I have only five months of relevant experience as a business analyst/marketing assistant (left because it wasn’t what I wanted).
Get started to shape your PM career But I don’t know where or how to begin.
Because senior project managers told me it would give me an edge, I am planning to pursue the CAPM designation while pursuing a degree in project administration. I plan to become a member of a PMI chapter because I want to learn more about project management and network with other professionals. Aside from becoming a member, I am also willing to volunteer in PMI events.
My concern right now is whether or not I am on the right path to getting my foot in front of the right people. You are welcome to share your ideas on how to get a fresh start in project management.
Many thanks
All, please share your suggestions! Samma, thank you for answering this question!